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Why Use Us for your Electrical Services and Installations?

We use our own specialized equipment and materials effectively to ensure that the job is completed using the highest quality tools and with full customer satisfaction. You can depend on us to complete your electrical installation in a professional and timely manner. You can also rely on our electricians to use their expertise and knowledge to provide you with quality electrical services as well as respecting your home or business during the process.

We offer turnkey electrical wiring and installation services for all residential, commercial and industrial properties, saving time and money. Our certified electricians are highly skilled to complete each electrical task at hand to make informed decisions to implement the most feasible solution.

Average Power specializes in electrical wiring and installations in Gauteng an surrounding provinces. We are fully equipped to complete residential, commercial and industrial installations. Our electricians are certified to complete a range of electrical services.

We offer:

  • New electrical services
  • Power factor correction and maintenance
  • Electrical loading design and distribution
  • Prepaid electrical meters
  • Turnkey electrical installations
  • Cable installations
  • Single-phase and 3-phase electrical works
  • Electrical control circuit installations and repairs
  • Distribution board installation and maintenance
  • New construction electrical works
  • Fan and air-conditioning installations
  • Lights, switches and wiring installations
  • Energy-saving solutions
  • New electrical works

Please contact us should you have any other electrical services that we can assist you with and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our electrical maintenance covers all aspects of testing, monitoring, fixing, and replacing elements of an electrical system. Usually performed by a licensed professional with a complete knowledge of the National Electric Code and local regulations, electrical maintenance covers areas as diverse as:

  • Digital communication
  • Electrical machines
  • Generators
  • Hydraulics
  • Lighting systems
  • Pneumatics
  • Surge protection
  • Transformers

With an increased reliance on both data collection and machinery run by computer software, electrical maintenance is more vital than ever. The failure of a single component in the electrical system can cause extensive downtime or data loss.

We ensure and make sure that assessment has been made of any electrical hazards, which covers:

  • who could be harmed by them
  • how the level of risk has been established
  • the precautions taken to control that risk 

The risk assessment should take into consideration the type of electrical equipment used, the way in which it is used and the environment that it is used in.

You must make sure that the electrical installation and the electrical equipment is:

  • suitable for its intended use and the conditions in which it is operated
  • only used for its intended purpose 

In wet surroundings, unsuitable equipment can become live and make its surroundings live too. Fuses, circuit-breakers and other devices must be correctly rated for the circuit they protect. Isolators and fuse-box cases should be kept closed and, if possible, locked.

Cables, plugs, sockets and fittings must be robust enough and adequately protected for the working environment. Ensure that machinery has an accessible switch or isolator to cut off the power quickly in an emergency.

Water treatment is performed in order to improve water quality. The processes employed for water treatment depend on the quality of the water supply. In all cases, water has to be disinfected in order to deactivate any existing microorganisms present in water. So far, this technique was proved to be the most important for the protection of human life. It is commonly done using chlorine or chlorine dioxide, and in many cases, other processes are also used such as ozonation and ultraviolet irradiation.

If the water originates from a surface water supply such as a river, lake, or dam, then the suspended particles are the most important problem. Different techniques to remove suspended particles include the addition of coagulants and the use of membranes. If the water originates from groundwater through mountain springs, usually, the water quality is good, and in most cases, only disinfection is required. However, if the water originates from groundwater wells, it may be rich in metals that need to be removed through chemical precipitation. Softening is another technique commonly used to remove hardness in case water is hard, which is performed by the addition of lime and subsequent precipitation of calcium as calcium carbonate and magnesium as magnesium hydroxide.

A common water treatment plant involves the following processes: 

  1. Pretreatment to remove big objects that can be found in the pipelines that transport water from the supply to the treatment plant.
  2. Softening and/or coagulation for the removal of hardness and/or suspended particles.
  3. Filtering through sand beds to remove any fine particles that are left in the water stream.
  4. Activated carbon filter or air/water jet to sorb or oxidize any dissolved organic matter.
  5. Disinfection for the removal of any pathogens left, and
  6. Storage of the disinfected water before distribution to the consumers.

Save yourself from Load Shedding.

Complete Residential Off-grid Solar System Solutions

Background: Specialized Solar Systems Off-grid Solar Energy Systems

An off-grid solar system is not connected to the electricity grid and requires battery storage. Off-grid solar systems must be designed correctly in order to generate enough power throughout the year and have the necessary battery capacity to meet the installed locations electrical energy requirements or demand.

In Africa, we are very fortunate with abundant sunshine. A backup generator or alternative back up power source may be necessary to supplement your electrical demand and recharge the batteries during times when the batteries are inadequately charged due to very bad weather patches or other unforeseen circumstances. We recommend that the size of the backup power source should be adequate to supply energy to your house and charge your batteries at the same time.

Generally,  off-grid solar system sizing or specifications are based on your daily wattage usage and peak Wh requirement. Daily watt-hour usage can normally be calculated from your utility bill over a time-period but may require more accurate usage pattern monitoring with energy metering data loggers.

Repairs for all pumps and motors, rewinding , testing of borehole pumps, servicing and maintenance. Custom built tank stands and base plates all done inhouse.

Our team of Master electricians can carry out all of your electrical switchboard wiring and switchboard upgrades to your home or commercial property.

We have been supplying electrical switchboard upgrades to properties for over 50 years and can be trusted to complete your job on time and on budget.

Older style buildings and homes that have rewire-able fuses pose a much higher risk of having an electrical fire occur. They also increase the risk of electrical shock. All modern switchboard installations have mandatory electrical safety switches installed, under the Queensland law. Safety Switches act when an electrical fault occurs and will isolate the circuit immediately.

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